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Mailing lists and newsgroups

Mailing lists about FreeS/WAN

The project mailing lists

The Linux FreeS/WAN project has several email lists for user support, bug reports and software development discussions.

We had a single list on for several years (Thanks, folks!), then one list on, but now we've split into several lists:


To subscribe to any of these, you can:

Archives of these lists are available via the web interface.

Which list should I use?

For most questions, please check the FAQ first, and if that does not have an answer, ask on the users list. "My configuration doesn't work." does not belong on the bugs list, and "Can FreeS/WAN do such-and-such" or "How do I configure it to..." do not belong in design discussions.

Cross-posting the same message to two or more of these lists is discouraged. Quite a few people read more than one list and getting multiple copies is annoying.

List policies

US citizens or residents are asked not to post code to the lists, not even one-line bug fixes. The project cannot accept code which might entangle it in US export restrictions.

Non-subscribers can post to some of these lists. This is necessary; someone working on a gateway install who encounters a problem may not have access to a subscribed account.

Some spam turns up on these lists from time to time. For discussion of why we do not attempt to filter it, see the FAQ. Please do not clutter the lists with complaints about this.

Archives of the lists

Searchable archives of the old single list have existed for some time. At time of writing, it is not yet clear how they will change for the new multi-list structure.

Note that these use different search engines. Try both.

Archives of the new lists are available via the web interface.

Indexes of mailing lists

PAML is the standard reference for Publicly Accessible Mailing Lists. When we last checked, it had over 7500 lists on an amazing variety of topics. It also has FAQ information and a search engine.

There is an index of Linux mailing lists available.

A list of computer security mailing lists, with descriptions.

Lists for related software and topics

Most links in this section point to subscription addresses for the various lists. Send the one-line message "subscribe list_name " to subscribe to any of them.

Products that include FreeS/WAN

Our introduction document gives a list of products that include FreeS/WAN. If you have, or are considering, one of those, check the supplier's web site for information on mailing lists for their users.

Linux mailing lists

Each of the scure distribution projects also has its own web site and mailing list. Some of the sites are:

Lists for IETF working groups

Each IETF working group has an associated mailing list where much of the work takes place.

Other mailing lists

Usenet newsgroups

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